What makes the World's Best Granola?

one foot in front of the other

I am a chef and I’m obsessed with granola. My interest in cooking began at an early age. I spent summers on my father's family farm in rural Oklahoma, witnessing the delicate cycles of life. I watched my aunt churn butter by hand and create rustic tarts from the fruits of the orchard. Their decisions to live sustainably or grow without chemicals were neither nouveau or trendy, but simply creative necessities. It was here that the seeds of my passions grew.

During my college years as a fine art student, I supported myself by cooking in restaurants and catering kitchens. It was there that I began to absorb valuable skills from talented chefs. With the break from academia came a 20 year career as an art director in the furniture and design industry. As time passed, I found myself hungry for a new creative outlet and learning experience. It seemed only logical that I would reconnect with the sense of excitement that drove me to cooking in the first place.

Aside from crafting the world’s best granola, I’ve worked as the Executive Pastry Chef for Gerard Craft’s Pastaria Restaurant in St. Louis, MO developing their signature gelato program. While fascinating and rewarding, now my thoughts turn to granola and beyond. The creative challenges on the horizon are limitless.

I love working with whole grains and easily move from sweet to savory. Allowing the inherent flavor of each fresh, local ingredient to shine is my focus. The Show-Me state is tops for garden and orchard-fresh ingredients!

When I am not in the kitchen, you can find me spending time with family and friends, gardening or training for my next run.



M-M-M-M-M-M   Flavor is paramount. There’s no fooling your taste buds. The combination of taste and texture can be explosive and soul-satisfying. This is what we’re after at Banner Road Baking Company.

“DON’T MUDDY IT UP”   My Uncle Alfred used this metaphor often. It stuck with me. At Banner Road, we never use any processed, genetically modified or chemical-laden ingredients. Coaxing optimum flavor out of superior ingredients is our mission. We think you’re worth it!

PUT YOUR BEST YOU FORWARD   Never skip breakfast. It jump-starts your metabolism and feeds your mind and body. Banner Road granola is protein-rich and gluten-free for sustained energy. Our customers say it has twice the nuts, fruit and seeds of any of our competitors. 

SPOONS UP   Anytime is granola-time. Breakfast, lunch, a light dessert or snack between meals. 


Our Frontier

There is strength in numbers.

We partner with local businesses, farms and chefs to carefully craft our recipes with the highest quality ingredients. We could cut corners here, but we don’t. Banner Road wholeheartedly supports small Midwestern farms in their cooperation with the land and respect for the environment. We believe that these farms represent the most efficient and sustainable way of providing quality, nutritious foods to our communities. 

Missouri Pecans

Organic pecans from Missouri Norther Pecan Growers are a feature ingredient in our variety, The Original. Smaller in size and oil-rich, these little gems are bursting with flavor!

Sump Coffee

Scott Carey, owner of Sump Coffee in St. Louis, MO draws the best shot of espresso west of the Mississippi. His ability to coax at once subtle, and then bold flavors out of each roasted bean is masterful. Taste his artistry in our Kick Start granola!

Askinosie Chocolate

Shawn Askinosie, award-winning chocolatier and owner of Askinosie Chocolate in Springfield, MO, believes that direct trade pays off. As a chef, I have been using Shawn’s chocolate for several years and believe it’s unmatched. Our Kick Start granola develops an other-worldly dimension with the addition of Askinosie natural cocoa powder. Visit askinosiechocolate.com to learn about the many ways the company gives back to the communities it touches.