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2019 Good Food Award Winner

2019 Good Food Award Winner

Food & Wine Magazine, Feb 2017

Food & Wine Magazine, Feb 2017

Missouri Life, December 2016

Missouri Life, December 2016

Sauce Magazine, July 2015


people say...

"Best granola ever!" 
- Annie Kennedy, St. Louis, MO


"Lot's of granola here, but nothing that wow-ed us like yours!"
- Ashley Teitelman, Denver, CO


"You are the epicurean dreamers who believe in yourselves enough to go outside your comfort zone and chase that shooting star."

- Keith Plein, St. Louis, MO


"I think you've made the most tasty potion ever! I enjoy eating it at all times of the day."
- Carla M. Steck, Kansas City, MO  


"We love your product and think it's the best granola available."
- Diana Vance-Bryan, Hudson, WI


"St. Louisans know Anne Croy for her incroyable (that’s French for incredible, and it’s a double entendre) gelato and pastries at Pastaria, but the whole world will soon know her as the mastermind behind Banner Road granola. The majority of her granola ingredients come from local Missouri farms, and each canister is chock full of nuts, seeds, and fruit."
- Spencer Perkinoff, St. Louis, MO


"Will spread the good word about your delicious product!"
- Tadd Chessen, Winnetka, IL


"Your granola is the best granola ever....I go out of my way to pick up Banner Road. It's so clean, so good. Local and fresh. SO delicious!! The best granola I've ever eaten."
- Melanie Hessler, St. Louis, MO


"The granola was delicious, amazing, life changing! I hid it from my family to make it last."
- Lisa Spillane, River Vale, NJ


"Two words.  Love & Addiction."
- Lee Bassett, Seattle, WA


"I would call it a life-changing experience, like the eclipse.  I will be telling everybody about it!"

-Rose O'Neill, Rolla, MO


"This granola makes me smile with every bite!  The taste and texture is very original, so the name fits."

-Amy Disseler, Tampa, FL


"Love at first bite.  It was astoundingly awesome!"

-Christy M. Fowler, O.D., Cape Girardeau, MO

“This granola is simple. It’s humble perfection, astoundingly good. The package dazzles but the content does something more human: it nourishes.”

Levi, NYC



'‘You’ve created the most wonderful flavors and your commitment to high quality ingredients will guarantee my repeat business.”

Sue Mace, St. Louis, MO