What makes the World's best granola?


1/ Organic ingredients

We believe that superior taste begins with superior ingredients. Organic whole foods are nutrient dense and contain no pesky pesticides, herbicides or GMO ingredients. You’re treating your body to usable calories that sustain you throughout the day! We are committed to supporting organic agriculture for reasons beyond taste.


Extra Virgin Olive oil

Huge heart-healthy properties.  Elevates ingredient flavors and creates unparallelled texture.


Minimal Natural Sweeteners

8 g of sugar or less in each servings.  We believe in using a minimal amount of sweetener in all of our products.  A little is enough.



All of our granolas are made protein-rich by incorporating quinoa, various nuts and seeds and egg whites.


2/ The Most Nuts, Seeds & Fruit

Check out the ingredient list and you will find the “star” nut and fruit listed in the first trio.


Missouri Pecans

Missouri is rich in organic pecans.  We think they are the best!  Small, oil-rich and full of flavor!


Michigan Cherries

We use organic Michigan tart cherries in The Original granola.  We felt it important to choose organic in that conventional cherries are often sprayed multiple times with herbicides/pesticides during the maturation process.


1/ Utilitarian Packaging

Our firm cardboard tube protects the texture and preserves the clumps we work so hard to make for you!  It also stands out on the grocer’s shelf and is 100% recyclable.  Put a bow or trailing ribbons on the top and you’ve got the perfect hostess or teacher gift!


4/ A Chef

As a chef, I feel that there is a delicate balance between flavors that compliment each other and ingredients that elevate the whole.  The ratio between salt and sweetener needs to be spot on to really sing.  I draw on both personal experience and world cuisine in formulating our wonderful flavors.  The desired textures and “clumping” is achieved through the handling of ingredients, or Banner Road trade secrets.

8/ Sustainable Business practices

9/ Philanthropy

10/ Human Stories